As writers and professional story coaches at, we help people unleash the power of their personal mythology, which is simply a cool way of saying the amazing story of who you are. We show clients how to use the self-reflective tool of writing to help them uncover the DNA of their own myth, the arc of their personal narrative.

This self knowledge may be hidden from you only because you haven’t started to look for it. But when you dive into the mystery of YOU, you will notice that the mystery notices that you are starting to unravel it. It's through this process of self discovery that something very powerful is activated.

We call it magic.

If you haven't yet unleashed the power of the story that's been hidden from you—the magic that comes from knowing deeply who you really are—it's helpful to go back to the very beginning of your story, that is, the first moments of this lifetime and take a closer look.

What was special about your birth? And how does it suggest who you were always meant to be in this lifetime? What clues do you find?

And remember this: Extraordinary people tend to have extraordinary birth stories.

So, write your story as you would an epic tale. After all, you are the hero of your own story, the main character in this amazing movie called: YOUR LIFE.

Claim it. Own it. Embellish it. Have fun with it.

While all stories have magic in them, birth stories have BIG magic. Look at Jesus and Moses. 

Or, Zeus (his father ate all of his siblings) and Harry Potter (he survived the darkest wizard villain of all time) and Athena (well, her father—Zeus—ate her mother before she was born).

Now these are some bad-ass birth stories.

My own daughter Zjena has a pretty cool birth story, too, and I love telling her about it. It begins with a dream that I had, well before her birth, even before I took a pregnancy test or had my first obstetrician visit. In this dream, she came to me as a grown woman with long dark hair. She told me she would be a girl, and what her name was, and even how to spell it. I woke up with a start, rummaged around to find a pen, and wrote the name down exactly as she said. It was an odd name to say the least. I'm talking a real Isaac Asimov otherworldly one, a name I'd never heard before, so it was no wonder that she had to spell it for me. Ultimately, it became her middle name, which we've always called her "secret" name.

To this day, she loves this story of how she got her secret name.

Courtney has a pretty amazing birth story, too. She wrote about it in an epic blog this past April as part of her "This is Me at 50" series. I would urge you to check it out here.

Like we say, extraordinary people tend to have extraordinary birth stories.


So get writing yours. Here's a great exercise to launch the most amazing origin story ever told—YOUR OWN. (We'd love to hear what you come up with, so please feel free to share all or part of it in the comments section.)

PERSONAL MYTHOLOGY LIFE-WRITING EXERCISE: What's your birth story? Describe the story you've been told. How does it make you feel? Do you like your story? If you were to write a better one, how would it unfold? Be as imaginative as you like. For example, imagine that you're a superhero, who was born into an "ordinary" family, and no one knew. What were the superpowers that you were born with, what was your mission and how do certain aspects of your birth story prove it? Have fun with this one!