We play out many scenarios of our future life during our childhood. When we're kids, our whole lives seem to lie ahead of us like a mystery on the horizon waiting for us to one day journey there.

Day dreaming of the future.

Or playing make believe.

We each likely remember the activities we imagined ourselves doing when we got older. Some of those things probably sounded like the coolest jobs in the world.

Firefighter. Pilot. Actress. Professional athlete. Inventor. Scientist. Librarian. CEO.

I'd watch "Bewitched" as a kid, and often imagined myself being an ad exec, a cool job like the one Samantha's mortal husband, Darrin, had.

What was your childhood dream? Remember back and have some fun with this writing exercise. As always, feel free to share your story with us in the comments section.

Personal Mythology Monday Writing Exercise:

What did you hope for when you were a child? What did you dream of becoming? And no matter what paths you’ve taken in your life, what is the dream that has never died? How does this vision relate to your true purpose in this life?

Have fun with this and don’t second-guess or feel like anything sounds silly or unrealistic. You have complete creative license to explore any ideas or simply use stream-of-consciousness-style answers for any or all of these questions.