Take Home Writing Assignment in prep for next week’s theme: Utopia.

The normal lifespan is now 150 years. You know this already in your teens. With this in mind that everyone will live much longer than ever before, write about your extended lifetime.

• When would you get married for instance and have children, knowing that you could have them much later in life now?

• Would you choose more life partners and why?

• What three careers, or five, one or none would you choose to do and in what order?

• What countries would you live in and why?

• Would you go to college or not or go to more than one?

• How might living longer affect society at large? Would we possess a collective wisdom much greater than we do now? In what ways, would our longer lifespans help us to create a more beautiful, advanced, and peaceful world?  

Write a story about the life you are going to live after you turn 18 years old, knowing that you’re to live to be 150 years old.