One of the many things that Court and I love about our AIRBNB experience, "The Santa Monica Writer's Journey," is the opportunity to meet incredibly inspiring people from all over the world. While we like to think of ourselves as "teachers," the truth is, we're always learning from our "students." 


After every experience, Court and I drive home from the beach literally buzzing in the car about what we've just gleaned from the evening, especially how so many other people's stories seem to mirror our own—almost magically so. We leave feeling like everyone in our group has a common desire to stay connected. That's why we've recently decided to interview our guests (when we can) and share them here. 

It's a way for us to not only chronicle our creatives-in-transition journey, but also let you get a glimpse of the amazing souls we are SO lucky to connect with along the way.  

Our first interview was with the amazing Jasmi Qvik (JasmiQvick.com), a  fitness and "mental" trainer from Finland, Jasmi has fallen in love with Southern California and has definite plans to move back next winter. While this dynamic lover of her three dogs, yoga and bold adventures doesn't necessarily work in her garage (she does work from home, though), she's now an honorary Garage Girl!

Here's what we asked ...and what Jasmi answered!


What does your perfect day look like? 

I wake up without an alarm clock, take a walk in Venice with my dogs and then come home, video blog and inspire people. In my perfect day, I also get to meet new people, do yoga and always experience something adventurous! 


What is your favorite stress reliever? 

Working, being with my dogs and listening to podcasts. I love YogaGirl: Conversations With Heart by Rachel Brathen.


What are you here to do?

Be happy, try adventurous things and just be myself without goals. 


Who is someone who inspires you?

My great Aunt Hilma. She had a reputation for being very brave and provocative. She got divorced, which was pretty bold for the time, and always wore bright red lipstick. There is one story I loved hearing about when she was walking down a road at night and noticed she was being followed by a strange guy. She stopped, picked up a bottle on the ground, broke it, and then, turned to the guy, yelling "Fuck you!" Needless to say, he ran off.


What is something surprising about you that no one would ever guess or doesn't know?

When I was in gymnastic class as a kid, the school coach forced me to try an exercise on the uneven bars, and I was terribly afraid to do it. I grew up in a household where doing adventurous things like climbing trees was considered dangerous, and so I was really terrified to jump up on these bars. I remember the coach being very pushy. And despite my protests, she lifted me up to the bars. I was so nervous that I accidentally farted right in her face! So embarrassing! Later, when I was older, I ended up dating her sister's son, which meant I saw her at all of the family parties!


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