Staying at a stranger’s house is inherently scary. So can it be to rent out your home, especially if you’re still living in it. Most guests are people like us. And most hosts are people we can trust. But what happens when they aren’t? What happens when things seem, well, off?


Welcome to our ScareBNB book series, available now as a digital download on Amazon Kindle. Or, as an audible on Anchor Podcast.

Every Podcast episode is a different tension-building chapter of one of our books. And every book features a different BNB listing location as its setting.

So, which book will you book?

… The remote Adirondack cabin where a husband and wife discover something’s not right in: Get Away From the Cabin.



The Big Apple brownstone where a woman escapes a bad breakup only to find herself trapped in an unthinkable invasion in:

Nothing Hidden.



Or, an Airstream trailer at the edge of nowhere that offers little protection against what’s lurking out in the Mojave desert.


Our ScareBNB series of books makes a perfectly creepy companion for a lazy evening at home (just look behind your bathroom shower curtain first). Or, tune in to our podcast to pass the time while driving a lonely stretch of highway at night (but please make sure you check the backseat before you get in.)

Thanks for joining us. We’ll know you’ll be dying to check out our property rentals. Here’s hoping you survive your stay.