Held at a very cool loft space in Venice or Culver City on scheduled weekends (email us for updated schedule), our three-hour open-door gatherings are like pop-up Writer Gyms. Stop in when you're ready to "work out" with us and discover the endorphin-rush you feel when you're accountable to your writing goals! Now is the time to be the author of your story and be part of a cool, creative community of West Side writers. If you've ever dreamed of working in a writer's room, this is your chance. Plus, in every Garage Girls' Writer's Room Workshop, you'll get to:


• try a writing exercise with the day's group to get the creative ideas flowing as deliciously as our endless cups of free French Roast coffee.

• research and write in an uber-comfortable zone for up to four hours with Wi-Fi, AC, restrooms, and cafes next door.

• book a 20-minute private story-coaching session onsite with the Garage Girls to brainstorm ideas and develop your project. (Space is limited.)

• participate (if you want) in a fun table read of your work during the last hour and a half of every workshop. Get feedback, laugh a lot and experience being part of a supportive, soulful community of creatives. Writers, actors, directors and artists of all kinds welcome.

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Book an onsite story-coaching session with the Garage Girls and let the magic begin.


When it comes to developing ideas, three heads are way better than one—or even two—so let's start triangulating. Two professional story coaches (and former media mavens), the Garage Girls love a great story, and we're here to help you craft yours into one. Whatever your'e working on—TV pilot, book, screenplay, memoir—we're here to listen, brainstorm, inspire and help you take your characters and story turns to the next level. Our clients have called us "rocket fuel for creativity," so whether you just need a sounding board to flesh out your concept or serious transformative mythology, 20 minutes with us will get you fired up for project productivity. Our tools: a white board, dry erase markers, coffee, lots of index cards, and two expansive imaginations. Note: We currently offer three 20-minute sessions during every workshop (we meet in a private area within the group space or at an outdoor patio), so please email us privately if you’d like to reserve a spot. Cost: $20 per 20-minute session.

experience a table read of your work. Yeah, It's pretty awesome! 


Ever dream of being  part of a real writer's room, working on a TV show? Want to hear others read a critical scene of your screenplay? Looking for group feedback on your latest writing project? Sign up for a free table read during every workshop. During the last hour, we read up to three works (allowing about 20 minutes for each one). By sharing your work and receiving feedback, reading a speaking part, or giving helpful comments to others, you'll be participating in a dynamic and growing creative community of writers on the West Side.  Note: While there is no extra charge for having your work read at our table, each spot is granted on a first-come, first-save basis. 


The Garage Girls Writer Room Workshops are held on scheduled weekends. Email us at garagegirlsstudios@gmail.com for dates. We charge $25 cash at the door. Can't wait to see you there!