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It's time to share your life stories and we're here, ready to listen on a deep, soulful level. As professional life story strategists, we're experts at teaching our clients how to redefine their life narratives in a way that uncovers the power of their hidden mythology. Wish you had a creative circle of friends who uplift and inspire you? Need a sounding board upon which you can bounce off all your ideas (without judgment)? Want to get together to laugh—at ourselves and the crazy plot twists of our daily lives? Our clients call our creative energy infectious because we care about your story as much—if not more—than you do!

Join us for a 90-minute coaching session for $200. Or pay only $150 per session by ordering a block of 12 sessions. Every get-together is filled with thoughtful life-writing exercises, fun activities (plus a few surprises) and plenty of soul-connecting discussion time. Meet us at our writer's cabin, hipster camper or even at a coffee shop close to you to: 

• Awaken core creativity to express feelings, ideas, dreams and goals

• Explore your personal narrative in a way that reveals your authentic life purpose

Call us at 503.915.0084 to book your session(s) via Venmo.

Want to accelerate your journey of self exploration, try our 12-Week Course. ..


a 12-week life-writing journey to unleash

the power of your personal mythology

This 12-week course follows the archetypal stages of the hero’s journey, helping you to integrate one new stage every week into the life story we're here to help you develop, to facilitate deeply reflective self exploration and personal transformation. The unique structure of this class, rich with life writing, fun surprises and plenty of soul-connecting discussion time with your life-story strategists—The Garage Girls— serves as a powerful framework to fire-up creativity as well as actualize personal goals/projects (all set by you) by the end of the three-month period. 

Have you heard a call to adventure, but been afraid to accept it? In these 12 (1.5-hour) sessions, you'll discover the secret that we—as writers and screenwriters—discovered through endlessly brainstorming transformative arcs for our fictional characters. The 12 stages of the hero's journey for made-up people are exactly the same for real ones because the journey is just a metaphor for the evolution of our soul. When you look at your life story—past, present and future—in terms of the "hero’s journey," you engage the transformative alchemy that's mirrored in books, movies and any great story that's ever been told—from The Odyssey and King Arthur to The Wizard of Oz and Star Wars. And in the process, you unleash the magic of your personal mythos. 

To go deep into your bliss, you may have to get out of your comfort zone, but we'll be with every step of the way. 

$2400 for the 12-week course

(book in three $800 installments)

$1800 (Special Price) for Existing Clients Who Have Booked Any Bootcamp Course

(book in three $600 installments)

Call us at 503.915.0084 to book your course via Venmo.