Hello, writer. welcome to our garage.


Try a writing workshop. Join our community.

Share your work with other people who get IT—and YOU. 















Hello, writer. welcome to our garage.


Try a writing workshop. Join our community.

Share your work with other people who get IT—and YOU. 















This is a place to hang out, explore creative identities, connect and collaborate with two professional writers and story coaches, and other like-mindeds, and, in the process, rediscover that part of yourself that loves to dream, make cool stuff and, well, play.

While it's usually men you hear about, building empires in the garage. Gates. Jobs. Besos. The Garage Girls, two girls, in a garage, creating stuff,  (that's us, Beth and Courtney) decided to change that. 

We started out by putting our writing office in Beth's garage, mainly because we wanted to lock her kids out. But in so doing, we had inadvertently also made room for our creative selves to grow. We recorded podcasts, shot videos, brainstormed TV pilots, and wrote blogs, novels and screenplays. We had a blast. And suddenly, we discovered an amazing idea that we LOVE sharing: The garage is an awesome place to work.

Garage Girls Studios, founded by the Garage Girls, is all about making room for your creative self in the garage! Currently, we offer workshops, retreats, cool work spaces, story coaching, events and other unique products related to living the dream of the writer’s life. But we also provide a suite of services that can help you turn your own garage into a functional creative studio at home, too! Scroll down to learn more.

See you in the garage!



Courtney and Beth,

The Garage Girls

Two girls. In a garage. Creating stuff.

Oh my gosh where to start...the Garage Girls are absolutely amazing! Not to mention the location they picked for this is the perfect backdrop...They created a safe creative space for us to share our stories. The writing prompts helped me explore the possibilities of the stories I want to share with the world. I would definitely recommend this experience to everyone.
— Yaritza Betancourt, writer, blogger, actress (myroadtea.com)

writer room workshops 


The Garage Girls offer our three-hour Writer's Room Workshops on Saturdays (7 p.m. to 10 p.m.) and Sundays (11 a.m. to 2 p.m.). Work out with other writers in cool creative spaces, spit-ball ideas like you would in a real writer's room and participate in a live table read. At our secret urban writer retreats (with Free Wi-Fi and French Roast), you'll get stuff done AND have fun—all on the West Side of LA.

Wow! This experience will set you on fire creatively! Do you feel that something is calling to you? Do you feel the pull of creative force within you? Do you feel compelled to move forward, but at the same time, you feel stuck? This describes how I felt when I sought out the Garage Girls and their Bootcamp for Creatives. Their creative energy is absolutely CONTAGIOUS! These ladies are gifted and wise creatures!
— Pam Howard

Bootcamp for creatives in venice


Join the Garage Girls for a two-hour intensive writing journey filled with high-energy laughs and life-writing exercises. The best part? We meet up in iconic Venice Beach, just steps from the sand, in the comfy back cabin of our mobile garage, an 11-ton military truck! Designed for people who are being called to self-discovery by a force of change, this workshop is designed to help you define the narrative arc of your amazing life story—and most importantly—how you'd like to write your next chapter.

The Garage Girls were great! It’s clear how passionate they are about creative writing and sharing that with the world! We were surprised to have this experience in the back of a customized army truck turned creative office space, which made for a very unique and fun environment. Our team of four did this experience to get some inspiration before an all-day hack-a-thon to write a business plan, and mission accomplished!
— Greg Bell, AIRBNB Business Development Team Leader

Our latest screenplay: our past life in provence

provence030I3574 copy.jpg

Ever wonder who you were in a past life, and if all the crap happening to you this time around is just karmic blowback caused by the guy you were the last time? Now imagine he's a hot French guy (who looks a lot like Jon Hamm) and you get to confront him. You're Melissa McCarthy. Curious what happens next? Check out our feature-length screenplay, which was just named a top-10 finalist (out of thousands) selected by entertainment industry judges in the 2018 Big Break Screenwriting Contest.




Great for any group, especially girlfriends, coworkers, mother-daughters, you name it, this 3.5 hour experience, which begins in the comfort of our mobile garage (that 11-ton military truck) deepens soul connections, inspires serious creativity and makes amazing memories! And the life-writing exercises are completely customizable.